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Thai massage, with its ancient techniques created from the amalgamation of ayurvedic Indian massage and traditional Chinese massage, is commonly considered one of the world's most therapeutic massage mediums and is reputed to have a number of health benefits besides the immediate relaxing properties that its physical sensations provide. Thai Traditional Massage is provided in Bangkok Hotels by Bangkok Massage Girl Outcall Service.
A traditional Thai massage is taken dry; however, for varied sensation and benefits, oil or special herbs can be used. Oil massages differ in their approach from those given dry and are perhaps the most relaxing and the closest in technique to western massage styles. If you are at all frail or delicate, then an oil massage is a preferable medium.
The aim of Thai massage is to balance the energy of the body to give a feeling of relation and well-being which transcends to purely physical to affect the mind and emotions and even the spiritual aspects of our being. The theory is that perfect balance of the intrinsic energies of the body equates to perfect health. This form of massage when received regularly, performs a powerful prophylactic function as well as maintaining good health. Those who are lucky enough to experience Thai massage in this way will testify to its incredible ability to de-stress the body; to soothe and calm the mind and to lift and release layer upon layer of pent-up negative emotions and liberate the soul.
Until recent times Thai massage has been regarded as having deep religious significance to the Buddhists and was exclusively practised by monks in the temples. It was seen as the physical expression of loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and vicarious joy which exemplify the four states of the mind so fundamental to the philosophy of Buddhism. When practised strictly according to these principles, Thai massage is as beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver. Regrettably, in these modern times it is becoming more and more tainted by commercialism.
"Flowing" and "rhythmical" describes exactly the sequence of unhurried presses, stretches and twists that make up a complete Thai massage. The sheer number and variety of techniques used in a typical routine is somewhat bewildering to the learner. There are over one hundred of them! At all times the position of the masseur/ masseuse relative to the receiver is just as important as the way the particular technique is applied. Within a full massage sequence there seems to be endless nuances of tempo and pressure. There are no sharp discontinuities or sudden changes of form – one movement melts into another smoothly and harmoniously. There is never a suggestion of haste.

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